And this is how it happened

Phone rings. Child cries “I Need Help!” What’s a mother to do.??? She gets on craigslist, she calls some numbers. she finds someone who wants to sell a washer and dryer today. Picks up dolly and man in a van. The Man gets both the washer and dryer into the back of a regular sized mini van. Amazing Man! Drive to Philadelphia. Unload the w/d into daughter’s house with help of SIL and a little help from grandson. Come home and go to bed. Man is asleep in 5 minutes, barely kissed his wife good night. Peace. Love. Joy. That’s Christmas, isn’t it????

One thought on “And this is how it happened

  1. Yay, what a good mom! And how lovely for her to have her own w/d!!

    It was so lovely to see you the other week, and thanks again for watching the kids so we could go conferencing!!

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