Family funnies

Joel and I went errand running this evening. We came out of the mall and gripped each other’s hands hard as we faced the wind. He unlocked my door and turned to go to his side without letting go! We had gone to Pearle Vision and were a bit daunted by the price of a new pair of glasses. So we went to Costco and got a Costco membership for 50 bucks and saved ourselves over$100. by getting the glasses through Costco! So they are on their way. Plus she gave joel a new screw to mend his old pair  till the new ones are ready. When she measured him with that gray box they tell you to peer into he said the last time he got the giggles and blushes becuase a pretty girl had said , “Look into my eyes.”  We found a place next to the fireplace at Panera’s. Our house has been pretty cold. We have a heater and electric matress pad and warm jammies for the night, but I think the computer spot is the draftiest!


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