My Weekend at Covenant, written two weeks ago

So last week my friend calls and wants know if it is worth it to let your child go to college 700 mikes away. I said ‘Yes!’. Her daughter has applied for a big scholarship and you have to go for interviews and present yourself well to get this scholarship and it’s a really big deal, so I told her she had to go. Plus, I  thought if she went she would have a better feel of whether she could let her go that distance or not. But I told her not to go alone, I would go along! So a few days later she called me back and they were for sure going to make the trek. So I rode along and got in a good visit with Luisa. We were on the road by 5:00 in the morning and had pretty smooth sailing.  A little way up Lookout Mtn. it started to rain, pour, and get foggy. We missed the first driveway and crept to the second so we wouldn’t drive past it. They registered and went to a banquet. I ate with the college kids, meeting lots of Luisa’s friends. Luisa knitted while I read aloud, giving her eyes a break. When we went to lunch we met more old friends and the Belz gang was all in a tizzy about the new layout of the Bagpipe. Sam felt gratified his Uncle Nat liked it. I said I feel like I’ve scored points if I can pick put a poinsettia a bunch of ex-poinsettia growers like. Mindy replied, “With the Belzes, it’s all about type-face!” I went to an American literature class with her where I surprisingly kept my mouth shut. and in the evening we had a pizza party at her friends apartment where the pizza was homemade, the apple pie was homemade and the dishes  were homemade! I made sure I met Pat Ralston, who lived with my family when she was 16 and we were all little squirts! I asked her if that was hard, because she had to share a room with us. She said she was so thankful because it gave her the opportunity to go to Cono, which she wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Sometimes I think I haven’t much to share, but often sharing the little we have completely blesses someone else. I reminded her how she made me taste vanilla, because it smells so good, but all by itself, it doesn’t taste so good!
We had breakfast and met more friends, got to catch up with Sam Belz before leaving around noon on Saturday.
Tiredly, I went to church today, which was good, but we didn’t linger. We went to an amazing jazz concert in the evening. A friend of ours had an open recording session, where we listened while they recorded.


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