We made bagels!!! I’m at Jeannette’s , “snowed in”, and we made bagels. I’m sure  a picture is forthcoming. I was planning on coming yesterday afternoon so she could go to Boston, but came ON THE TRAIN, on Wednesady evening instead. I have just been wanting a train ride for a while, but every time I think or plan it, something else comes up and I missed my ride. She called on Wednesday before I left and said the Amtrak fares had doubled between Philly and Boston and so she couldn’t go. Is that what they do when the weather is bad to weed people out? I dunno……..   I came anyway. I wanted my train ride!

Yesterday it was still nice enough to take Ellis for his  speech therapy session at Children’s Hospital. I played with the playful Marlowe .

Years ago, my friend, Claudia Peters, decide to make bagels. I happened in on the lucky day. We were so accustomed to the tough grocery store things hat when we tasted the tender fresh bagels we didn’t think that they were quite right! i have learned that they were proably the rightest things we had tasted up to that time. Time for coffee and bagel!


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