Holy Week

So here we are at Holy Week. Some people are unaware. Some people go through it ritualistically and others turn up their noses at the ritual. Hopefully, I land somewhere in between where the ritual serves to make me more aware of what Jesus’ work on the cross means for me in an ultimate and a quotidian context. For the past several months I have been trying to read  the Bible with fresh eyes and not the ones that have read it more times than I can remember. The story of the Exodus has amazed me ever since I saw the words, “Then they will know that I am the LORD.” Then it began to dawn on me that God works in our lives in such a way to help us to know him. In Philippians , Paul talks wanting to know Christ and the power of his resurrection. It is the resurrection that shows us what God has done for us. But back to Exodus. It is easy to read the OT stories as Israel’s story, but they are a picture for us of our own story. I have been thinking that passing through the parted Red Sea is much like being delivered from our sins. Behind them was slavery and hopelessness and death, and in front of them, well, they had to continue to trust that the water walls would hold up until they were through. They could not see God, but they could see what he was doing. Then after they get through it to the other side for a few days they start complaining. If we remember every morning what God has done for us, can we complain? Can we fret? There are repetitions of the account throughout the Bible of the incident as a reminder of why the Israelites ought to continue trusting in God. So he saved me from my sin. He saved me from hell. He left heaven and lived among a bunch of scumbags  so he could redeem  their stupid lives and transform them into glory. It puts me in mind of a James Ward song, “Just take a moment to wonder, “What does it really mean? If Jesus had never risen again, how would it change a thing? So much around is sadness, so many reasons for pain, Where is the hope, where is the joy…….(I’m missing a few words here in my head but the chorus goes on) What does it mean in your life? What does it mean in your day that Jesus rose again? Lord! make this truth make my Mondays more than a case of the blues!”

Maybe this afternoon I will scrounge around for more of the words. I can’t find them with a simple google.

I am…..Musing Melinda on a Monday Morning


One thought on “Holy Week

  1. Thanks for the muse! I think our church is one of those that says, “Holy week?” Then Junia wrote that they had a Messiah sing. How fun!

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