The Mundane

Life be full of the mundane. My daughter, Luisa, is trying to figure out ‘what to do’. Practically a daily assignment sometimes! This week I was raking grass and I thought, “I am raking grass because I don’t have a job and I am too poor to buy mulch.”  But, often, there is life in the mundane. While I was raking  at the park near the river, I uncovered an egg in the grass, maybe a duck egg? It was probably no good anymore but since I didn’t know how to figure that out, I covered it up again! Later I was raking long cut grass from under a tree and as I pulled the grass away, I saw color and looking more closely, it was full of wild strawberries, reminding me of a 4 yr old of mine who loved to eat the wild strawberries. It was a really hot day, with some breeze in it. I knew there would be rain so I was trying to cover up parts of my garden so that weeds would not instantly spawn in the rain and the soil would hold the moisture longer. And cut grass clipppings feel so soft on your feet when walking through the garden.

Another day I took care of a friend’s children while they loaded their moving truck.  We went to the fountain downtown where they played for about 45 minutes getting good and cold. We walked back to my house and got in the car and went to the store to get stuff to make smoothies, had spaghetti for supper, strung beads . colored and played with toys , and when mama called no one was done with their fun! If I had a paying job, I wouldn’t be around to ‘do’ all this fun!

Well, today is another party. I’m off to Katelyn’s graduation and Joel is off to a US soccer game in the Big Citee.


2 thoughts on “The Mundane

  1. “I thought, ‘I am raking grass because I don’t have a job and I am too poor to buy mulch.'”
    This kind of thing is so true for those of us who live a good life on the poorer side of things. But often, the tasks we do b/c we don’t have money to buy something outright, produce small joys that we’d otherwise lose. I was thinking about this same fact this morning. I think I feel a FB note coming on 🙂

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