Food, Inc.

EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH FOOD, INC!! I don’t say that often about anything. I just finished watching it and that is my gut reaction. BUT, it is not just about food. It is about slavery and oppression being alive and well in America, not that the devil ever takes a break, but it reveals it in new forms. I think this could very easily be the next crisis. Do you know that there used to be thousands of slaughterhouses across America and now there are Thirteen?? and don’t think that going vegetarian will save your hide. remember the E Coli epidemic that started with spinach??? A farmer’s life is ruined because since the 80’s or 90’s seed has been able to be patented and there is essentially one ( I think soybean) seed company. Their seed can pretty much blow onto your land and if you clean your seed and reuse it they will come after you and bring you down. A few decades ago there was ‘public seed’ and many varieties. Now there are a few and it is ‘against the law’ to save your seed and use it next spring. (Does anyone else think ‘hmmmm… this sounds like public education?) Illegal immigrants who lost their jobs because America is selling corn in their country cheaper than they can grow it are working in American meat plants. When the immigrants get busted, the company goes scott free. As one farmer put it,  No one is asking ‘why’? A great quote I went to the bother of pausing and writing and pausing and writing to get it all,

” A culture that just views a pig as a pile of protoplasmic inanimate structure to be manipulated by whatever creative design a human can foist on that critter will probably view individuals within its community and other cultures with the same type of disdain and disrespect and controlling type of mentality.”

Yesterday I read He is There and He is Not Silent by Francis Schaeffer. It is about understanding the source or the whole so that you can understand the particulars. also how the particulars relate to each other. That this relational God made the world relate to itself and us to Him and to each other. There are So Many issues reflected in this food thing. And it is not just the food thing. it is the health thing, the energy thing. It is the everything. When the Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it , there aren’t any exceptions. Christians do not have the right to opt out of art because they find some of it offensive or opt out of eating right because it is not affordable.  Somehow if we are going to live as lights in the world we have to figure out that we Must Trust God as we attempt to live as though this world is his and not think that being a Christian is more than going to church on Sunday and not having as extra-marital affair. Okay, that is my blurb. I’m going to cook dinner with my good garden goodies! I have a new perspective on mulching and weeding and watering now!


3 thoughts on “Food, Inc.

  1. Preach it, baby! Aren’t we glad we grew up as close to the land as we did? And I am also so thankful that I raised my children for 7 years on fruit and vegetables that came from farmers all around my area of Italy and brought them in to the market!

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