My Iowa Trip

My Iowa trip started with a plane ride. I love to fly. Hate the hassles, but the ride thing is still fun for me! I feel as though the clouds put me into another world.

Then my mama and I took a trip to Cono on back roads between Davenport and Walker. We went through Plain View, Tipton, Anamosa, Central City and Coggon. The Buffalo River valley is amazingly beautiful! we oohhed and aaahhed our way through. This is where we got off the highway on to the by-way!

We headed straight for this wall of ‘scattered showers’…… and drove between them!

The Buffalo River Valley

At one point I said, “That looks like the Andrews’ pond …. and there is the church!  the pastor and his family live there and they let us into the church and we visited a little and took some pictures.

Our  obliging hosts

I am having a hard time putting this together si I am going to publish it and finish later.


One thought on “My Iowa Trip

  1. Great so far, Melinda! Andrews’ place looks just like I remember it. I guess I was grown up enough that it doesn’t look smaller to me. Oh, and don’t you just LOVE the Iowa countryside???!!!

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