Origin of Accomplish

Middle English accomplisshen, from Anglo-French accompliss-, stem of accomplir, from Vulgar Latin *accomplēre, from Latin ad- + complēre to fill up — more at complete

First Known Use: 14th century


The other day a sister was saying how ‘unaccomplished’ she felt sometimes and how Mom can be so accomplished but she doesn’t have to pat her own back! So ’nuff what she said. If she wants to add more, she may! But it got me to thinking… why do we write down our accomplishments? I never thought of it until at about the same time I read a couple of journals to my kids, one being that of Nelly Custis Washington, a granddaughter that G and M raised. I thought if she hadn’t written ti down, we would never know. About the same time I was homeschooling and had to write down everything I did for the local school superintendent. A friend typed it up for me and was surprised at all we did. I realized then that while it may not feel like much, if you start writing it down, it adds up quickly. So probably said sister is more accomplished than she thinks! Sometimes telling everybody what I am going to do (like making 12 pies or painting a room) helps me to finish the job. Sometimes on a tired or lazy day we don’t want to hear what someone else is doing because it makes us feel more like the bum we’re being. Sometimes when you are working through several things at a time it is hard to finish any of them and although you have done a a lot of ‘stuff’, you don’t have much to show. Well, yes, I do find some gratification in a painted room , a clean room , a garment that the sewing is finished, a clean silverware drawer, weed-free garden. However, it doesn’t look like a book read, music practiced, a good walk, or people visited with. They don’t look productive, but we can’t skip them! They aren’t much for a resume’ or a job list and if we do them, we usually don’t say much about it. But are we really ‘complete’ without them?? I understand what sister is saying. some of her response is real and some of it really is angst and you have to personally sort it out. ‘Wonder’ is my key word. If it makes me or anyone else ‘wonder’ it’s worth writing about. My other sister and bro.-in-law are a wonder for remodeling their own kitchen. My son’s photography is a wonder. My other sister crochets and knits really cute stuff she can sell. My 12 pies are a wonder! Little sister takes key care of Mom, quickly and easily as well as her 6 children. Later on, little sister, you’ll look back and say, “how did I do all that?” and you will know how accomplished you must have been.


4 thoughts on “Accomplishment

  1. Yeah, the silverware drawer, so Jean Belz! She’d also probably say, clean sheets on the bed and a well-aired room, or something like that!
    Clean counters, organized linen closets, a brisk walk in early morning fog.

    We put too much stock sometimes in what we “accomplish”. A woman at church the other day asked me, “What do you do during the day?” I suppose that was instead of saying, “Where do you work?” I’m not going to apologize for enjoying my rather leisurely life when I’m not subbing. It is a priviledge to have a clean, organized house, dinner made from scratch every evening, husbands shirts well-ironed. Why do we have to feel like these things are just extras? I’m very thankful to be where I am in life. Now I can just bake a cake and take off for Minnesota if I want!

  2. I picked the silverware drawer because I just cleaned it! I figure all those years Joel lived with whatever he got from me are coming back to him. Sometimes we just gotta prop each other up!

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