Craft of the day

Somehow a day just seems brighter if you can make something! I sew far more rarely than I wish I could say I did but every time it leaves me feeling gratified! Some time ago something got into my laundry and made horrible looking things out of my white dish towels. Yesterday I went to my favorite Amish dry goods store and it had turned into Walmart! Not literally, but certainly enough to keep me from driving out of my way to go there! So I went to the adjoining fabric store which I try to stay out of because I am in DANGER of spending TMM! Found nice cotton for what I call the ‘dish towel’ or ‘tea towel’. Why have I , an owner of a sewing machine, been buying them all these years??? So now I have some fancy threads and fancy stitches and I am on my way to 9 towels for less than a dollar each. I made a couple of them bigger than the others to cover things with. I spent $7.18.

Then I went to the candle store so I could boost my candelabra a little. I got the wrought iron piece a few years ago, but I thought I would like the option of tea lights in these little holders. The wreath comes from a willow in my back yard and silks were freebies. I divested the flowers from their stems and hot glued them on. Here you are and away I go!


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