Where I live

On a foray into Barnes and Noble I picked up an engagement calendar of art work of New York City. It was mostly photography, but not exclusively. It gave me an inspiration to blog some photos that are unique to where I live. Things I see as I run about town. maybe it’ll make up for totally fluking out on the December Photo Project! I think I can be more choosy if it is once a week rather than once a day! so here goes!

The courthouse is to your right and our bank has a teller sized office about halfway back there. I go into the building, through the security where the guard asks me to remove my hood, and get my cash to go to market. I also get to observe the climbing hydrangea in different seasons. I can’t believe it is still green. This is called Lennox Lane and it is a favorite place for lunchers AND smokers!

This evening a friend and I were running around enjoying the First Friday air and came upon “Night Visitors”  waiting for their turns with Amahl!

And then there is favorite little shop that sells really cool art work, mostly n un affordable for me, but not all, but really fun stuff. I caught these two in their getaway car!

That’s all for now, folks!


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