Keeping Warm

It’s finally happened. We’ve moved into the single digits. Glad we don’t have to head into it at 3:00 AM! Since we moved into the city, keeping warm has been a learning experience. And when I think I am bad off I am reminded it could be worse! I have been able to keep the house from getting really cold. I figured if I was going to spend money on heat, I was going to be warm if it takes all of the summer to pay for it! Most city dwellers have a hard time keeping their houses warm in spite of the close proximity to other houses. They are just old under-insulated houses! So I try to limit the space heaters to one at a time. I think today we have two. We sit around more on Sundays. Probably eat more too.  I miss miss  miss wood heat

I walked to market last Friday and thought I ought to get a free prize it was so cold and windy. Walking home I had the wind to my back, which was nice because my load was on my back. Kept it refrigerated.

I got to substitute in 2nd grade. As they lined up in front of me one said, “That jacket has so many colors!” and another “It looks like a rainbow!” not really but they made me feel so stylish! They thought my artwork was pretty good, too!This grapefruit spoon we bought at the Italian Market way back in 1980, I think on one fine day with the Haymeses in Philadelphia. I dunno who made off with the rest of them! That’s sure to solicit a comment like “you gave them to me!” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. We’ve been cold too, M. Hard to keep the house warm at all, and our utility bills this month were really high. And — I stole at least one of my mom’s grapefruit spoons too!! Must be something daughters do!

  2. I have two, and you DID give them to me. You might have even actually put them in my stocking!! They are my favorite, and I don’t even let my kids use them.

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