You never know…..

This morning I was greeted  with this blessing. It was from a single mom whose son I picked up on my way to school. That was it. How many years ago… 5 or 6?  I got to thinking while I responded it was a little blog worthy. Read on……

Hi Melinda-So excited to have seen you in passing as I was on the D’s porch. You are a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness to my son and me. Hope things are well with you.

My reply:

Isn’t it amazing how those things happen? Like seeing you on their porch… AND sometimes when you do a simple thing for someone at hardly any cost to yourself, it can make a big difference in someone’s life. That always blows my mind! Somewhere in the Bible it says not to despise the day of small things. For me it was small, for you it was big. I’m glad I did it and hope you have the chance of passing on the blessing! When I had 5 young ones, homeschooling 3 and 2 babies, I said to an older mother at church who had two grown daughters, one with cerebral palsy, ‘How do you handle the stress?” She gave me 2 hours a week of freedom for about 2 months. It was wonderful! I wandered around unfettered! She told me someone had done that for her when her girls were small and life was so crazy. She told me she could never return the favor , but she could pass it on. I think that’s what it’s all about.

So many times when someone does something for us we want to express our thanks by evening the score. Sometimes we can’t possibly and sometimes we can tip the balance in our favor, which makes us feel better and more sufficient. It’s always easier to be on the giving end even if we don’t feel like doing it. We have options. But there are lessons to be learned on the receiving end not learned any other way. With Jesus, it’s pretty much a receiving  deal. We can’t repay Him. We can’t ‘even the score’. He is our Sufficiency. We can love and be thankful. What else do you need to get through life?

TodayIi am thankful that the weather forecast tells me this is the last day of cold days for a good spell. S’posed to get in the 40’s by the weekend. Positively balmy. In the head.



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