I normally find rap pretty annoying. Sometimes I am in a store and whatever pop music is on includes rap and I think, ‘how in the world am I supposed to shop…?’  and maybe what they want is less thinking, more shopping. I get out as fast as I can. Or I am at a stoplight and someone’s stereo system is blaring away and I wonder how that woman in the driver’s seat can tolerate those insulting lyrics. I’d like to turn my radio up equally loud but I probably don’t have half the sound system to make a difference and would just irritate others around me. Why is it rap has be played at deafening decibels??

Enter Shai Linne. A Christian rapper no less. I went to hear him at a local church a couple years ago. A Christian rapper. Almost an oxymoron. That is, until you hear him. He has turned rap on its head. When I heard him then, I thought it was one of the most powerful performances I have ever heard. I didn’t get tired of it. Before I went to the concert, I actually thought I might leave after I got through a couple songs. Been there, done that. But at the end, I didn’t want it to be over. I think it was a common feeling among the audience. We talked, as a whole, with the artist, how he came about to this work, and our own reactions to it. I just got out a CD we purchased and listened to part of it and I listen to it like Bach, every bit. It’s amazing.

I’ve been in a lot of yakkity-yaks about church music and I must say I don’t think we get what really matters the most often enough. People are prone to find out what works well for them and write a book about it showing others how to do it in so many steps so we all can ‘do it right’. I don’t think it’s that simple and I don’t think it’s that complicated. What does that mean? God made us with such wonderful variety and told us to love each other. AND whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God. That’s my lesson from Shai Linne. He is doing to the glory of God and I am finding it irresistible.


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