Wired Up

Lots of music these days is wired up. While I see the advantage of it and can understand why people enjoy it and have moved away from a personal bias against any of it, there is also something lost. With most technology you win some and you lose some. We go with the most wins and usually forget the losses. A friend of mine keeps me at my electric keyboard with the words that the possibilities with electronics are endless. I’m not the best candidate for demonstrating that but I’ll grant that someone could, and could show me, too.

But yesterday in church we went , in our singing, from a nicely played wired up guitar to just a keyboard (wired, but not miked)  and all of a sudden I could hear people’s voices, the voices around me. Singing falls on me like a waterfall. I am not a proponent of strict a Capella singing in church, but why have we wired up to the point that we drown out people’s voices? … And that includes great, big organ sound, too.

I’ve sung in a few really good choirs and I remember coming in late to rehearsal and hearing a song that I was not particularly interested in. The voices were so lovely I was won over. I watched ‘The Sing-off” avidly this past fall, noting that there were no instruments to cover up the singing. There was such satisfaction and camaraderie among the singers from the opportunities they were afforded through the singing. I especially noted when they mixed up their groups to do vignettes in the show.

Maybe I am picking this bone because I am at a dry spot in my singing. Physically, I don’t think I can keep up with a choir  I would find it enjoyable to sing in. And at church, the singing is drowned out. ‘Tis a pity. We need to pull a plug once in a while, and feel the waterfall.


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