Songs in a Mood

I was just thinking about the statement in Genesis where it says, “Let there be light.” In the English (and in the Latin) this is in the subjunctive mood and I have always wondered about that. Why would God create in the subjunctive? To me, ‘subjunctive’ means dependence on something else. ‘If, when, may, let’ are all dependent  words. But then immediately following is the indicative; “And there was light.” Period. It happened. “ And God saw that it was good.” Approved, true, right.  Now I am thinking about how we can apply it to our worship in the context of a service, but certainly not limited to that context. How can we go from subjunctive to indicative to truth? I started thinking about this in relation to music, being musically inclined, but I am not sure that I would limit it to that. Couldn’t that be the flow inside of me for the whole service? I come in hoping that I will be glad to have been there (lagging a little behind David), I am encouraged by the words I hear and the fellowship I sense and then it is verified by the preaching of the Word. But what if I were to apply this to music? What would it look like? What would the songs look like?    ‘May the mind of Christ my Savior live in Me from Day to Day’. ‘Let me hide myself in Thee.’ How do I move from that subjunctive to the indicative? The subj. deals with my heart’s desire, but I am not going to be done deal until I get to heaven. The ‘done deal’ has more to do with what Jesus has done, so it speaks to me of a grace-based  rather than a works based salvation. But things happen. Hearts do change. Or rather, hearts are changed. Maybe I got to church crabby and wondered why I even bother. I go to avoid the heresy I’d feel if I didn’t go. Is the truth we sing about so life-changing in this crazy world we live in? There are songs that are not only indicative but also definitive. ‘The Light of the World  is Jesus.’ ‘What can Wash Away my Sin? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.’  ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’. In fact, the subjunctive is often quickly followed by the indicative. ‘If thou but suffer God to guide Thee and hope in Him through all thy days, He’ll give thee strength whate’er betide thee and help thee through the evil day.’ There is real life indicated in these verses “Sometimes a Light surprises a Christian while he sings……It can bring with it nothing, but He will bear us through………Though vine nor fig tree neither their wanted fruit shall bear………while in Him confiding, I cannot but rejoice.” Words written by a man most likely manic-depressive, they reprove me as they encourage me. Reminding me that ‘this world’ is not all there is. I do not see the ‘big picture’ from my tiny spot in the USA. Trust is a daily attitude required in the Christian walk. I use the example of God’s Word for a reminder. When he called the Israelites to new things he would remind them of how he delivered them from one of the most powerful civilizations, parted the Red Sea (including  dry land to walk on, must have remembered the hard working women!) fed them from heaven, provided all their needs, delivered them from their enemies. For me, did He not separate Himself, this Trinity, to come and be a man on earth, so he could die a death that would save me from Hell and destruction? Is that enough reason for me to trust Him and sing of it? ‘I am delivered, Praise the Lord, I am delivered by his Name! Once I was bound by the chains of Satan, I am delivered, Praise the Lord!’ Truly indicative. Declarative. Definitive.

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