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I am what I call  a ‘Lord’s mercies’ girl. For as many times I as I spill, break, forget, stumble, (which are many), I come out exactly right without really knowing what I am doing. When we lived at Cono I would say to anyone who was with me in the kitchen or the car, “When you’re in my kitchen, you wear an apron and when you’re in my car, you wear a seat belt. You never know what is going to happen next!”  When my daughter got married and told her bridesmaids they could pick out their own dress, one went straight to the thrift store and came home and got a a gorgeous dress that didn’t quite fit. I was busy saying , “It’s so beautiful, Too bad store bought seams are so small and unadjustable, let me show you.” and discovered an inch seam in every seam and I think there were 7, counting the zipper. So I took it alllll the way out and just put it back together. And it fit perfectly! Well, one of my sisters put the zipper back in for me in the last days or hours before the wedding. When same maid asks me to sew something for her wedding I said, “You know how I operate. It’s the Lord’s mercy around here.” And,yes, I pulled off the same sort of stunts and everyone I sewed for had perfectly fitting clothes on the day of the wedding! If anyone asks me for directions, here they are. “It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.” Lamentations 3:22 Well, maybe Jeremiah had something else in mind than rescuing a dress from unfitting to fitting, but I still feel the Lord’s mercy in helping me do things that seem insurmountable to my pea brain and when they come out sooo right, I know it can’t be all my doing. So what has this got to do with daylilies? They are my ‘perennial reminder.’ They show their beautiful faces for a day and then they are done and you get a fresh one the next, “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” So the next verse says. Have we ever known the sun to not rise? Just as surely I can sure of fresh mercies! My first year teaching I had an 8th grade class first thing in the morning. Some of them were not morning people any more than I was! I would often open the class by thanking the Lord for his mercy that was new every morning, because that’s all I could think of and I felt like I had to hang on to it! One day a yearbook person came in and asked me for my favorite verse and while I started to mull around in my slow brains for a good one, they all chimed, “What’s that one you pray every morning?” Ah…… made an impression on those ornery younguns! Hope they still remember!


2 thoughts on “The Day Lily Blog

  1. Melinda! Why haven’t I noticed before that you had a blog? Thank you! for today’s blog. It is just what I needed to hear. I volunteered to help with Adult Sunday School without realizing the price. My house is a wreck & I haven’t been able to do the things I love, like quilt & sew, because of the daily obligations of cooking, laundry & of course, watering the flowers.
    But I have a responsibility & I must complete it today in order to be fresh for the class. In my time with the LORD this morning, I was reminded that faith is confident obedience. I know the LORD will help me. Your message though was able to put a joyful smile on my face as I was also reminded that GOD’s mercies are brand-spanking new every morning. GOD bless you!

  2. I know I read this earlier when you posted, but I read it again today. I just put Jacob on the school bus. I sat down at the computer and started reading your blog…oh my. This was so good to read this morning. I love you and appreciate all your sweet words of wisdom. Now I need to go find a kleenex and start my day…wishing you lived a little closer.

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