A New Look

Who doesn’t like a new look? A clean house, a new dress, an unread book, a new baby even always brings freshness to our lives. The sunrise,  a newly planted garden, or a freshly weeded one! I think it makes us better appreciators, or gives us a new intake in hope. Maybe I can add to this list of feeling better after a long or short sickness, a good night’s sleep (finally!). You can add your own. A few years ago I decided to start reading the Bible like I hadn’t been reading it all my life. No more taking things for granted and I have shared with some of you some of the nuggets along the way (not necessarily here). Things that have astounded me. But even a few years before that I incorporated Bible memory into my Latin class and every time I was amazed at the color of language I found there. I have a teacher friend who says, and has the qualifications to say so, that the Hebrew language was illustrative, Greek is precise, but Latin made them ‘user-friendly.’ Still in its user-friendliness it did not lack colorfulness and beauty. Psalm 36 I found was ‘in alphabetical order’, but is the Hebrew aplabet. The order is kept as it goes into English, but losing its alphabetical-ness. I learned that when we ‘dwell’ in the land, the word for ‘pilgrimage’ is used and it is ‘pereginare’, you know, like the bird! (spera in Domino et fac bonum peregrinare in terra et pascere fide) Maybe one of my faithful readers can truly identify with this! One of the first verses I taught was the fruit of the Spirit. It is almost like poetry. Here it is:

“Fructus autem Spiritus est

caritas, gaudium, pax,

longanimitas, bonitas, benignitas

fides, modestia, continentia

adversus huiusmodi

non est lex.”

There you have it. A new look. A new blog post. The morning’s muse.


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