What’s for Dinner?

I don’t know what Em is having for dinner, but here is what Melinda made. So I get out my minestrone recipe that I got off the internet for “Olive Garden ‘s minestrone recipe”. Not really advertised as that.  I like it with a meat base so it is more like a stew so I put a little chuck roast in my crock pot with some meat and onion and some veg. broth. If I had onion soup mix, that is quite good in it, too.  Then I see I need celery, garlic, and green beans. Have bok choy and garlic and mushrooms. So I saute’ them. Then I get the meat and broth and dump it in the pot with the vegetables, chopped up the meat and put it in, added a pint of canned tomatoes, a handful of little carrots from my backyard and an adventuresome little turnip, just because it was growing in the backyard like the carrots, some chopped parsley, salt (which actually was with the meat) black pepper and a cup or so of frozen black beans. I would have put in kidney beans but I keep forgetting to start cooking them in the morning and they are an all day thing. You can stretch it by adding water and pasta. Can’t wait to eat!


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