Back in the saddle again….

So… I am back in the teaching saddle. About a year and a half ago a friend of mine had been approached by families about starting a school that is like a home school. When she told me about it I told her I would be interested if she ever thought she needed help. Last year was her first year and she had 4 kindergartners all at about the same pace. This year she has two first graders and 5 kindergartners and things are Not all at the same pace. She picks up phone, calls Melinda, “Help!” she says! Not really. She emailed me and said “Are you still interested?” Well, if I am honest about my life, sometimes I have to try to find something to do. I like to have some place to go, somebody expecting me sometimes! I am so interested. I knew when I left school I was done with all those years of that, but I still like to teach.  I am not teaching Latin, that’s for sure! But teaching the basics of reading is not all that different from teaching a new language. I had a Latin text that I used I would always warn my students that is sounded like an “I Can Read’ book. Repetitive, cute stories about things they understand. And my mind is still saying why those words are thus.

One thing you have to say is that you never know what is coming next with the ‘little people’! The bigger ones can be pretty funny , too, but they are quieter about it. So we are going through our itsy, bitsy alaphbet books and looking at the pictures and making the sounds, “b-b-bat, c-c-car” and when we get done with that  I try to get them to come up with their own words. The boy, J, is all into it, but I am trying to get the girl, M, to take a turn.

Me: M, can you think of a word that starts with c….c….c

M: (coloring) No, I can’t think of anything

Me: Just try one word. Look ( I make like I am drinking something)

M: I don’t know

Me: sometimes adults drink it in the morning….

Without missing a beat, J’s voice pops up, “B-b-beer!”

Have fun everybody!


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