Happy New Year!

I hope that is the first happy new year  you have gotten from this blog because I wrote one from my kindle and it totally ran off as soon as I think I published it. Not sure what I did , Can’t find it , but if you see it can you please let me know?

Yes, the kindle is the new toy! It has been delightful to have music all over my house and when I wake up in the morning. I have read two books so far, Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott and  A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester. I got an ESV Bible for free and an interlinear Latin New Testament. Yep, and I downloafded a couple games so when Ellis slept with me he had something to do while I rolled over for a few more snoozes!

Sam came on Friday before Christmas with his his big black cat. He and Nick and co. were at our Babikow get together. Scott and Mary are doing the choir rounds at Westminster like I used to. It’s kind if an all nighter. Scott was allowed to take his choir music home and teach it to Mary so she could sing with the senior choir on Christmas Eve. She turned 30 this year. She’s old enough to sing in the ‘senior’ choir! We had an ensemble of 8 at New City Fellowship, 5 women and 3 men and it was amaaaazing. It was what I call an outtayerseat kind of morning. I wish I had had the presence of mind to get a video.

Jeannette and Chris and their boys got in Sunday evening. Marlowe rediscovered Sam as he found him sleeping on the sofa the next morning. When Joel came down he said, “Grandad, do you remember Uncle Sam? He’s right over there!”

Luisa flew in on Monday and Mary and Nicky cooked dinner and Jeannette and I straightened up and set the table. Nice arrangement. made my day!

So…. for the New Year I have  couple resolutions. I think if I write them down, I’ll remember that I made them. The first one is to keep a little household maintenance schedule that I already made up with a few chores each day so the house doesn’t get so neglected. The other is getting some filing done with Joel that has gotten behind. Now that the holiday is overrrrrrrrr.

I’m ready for it to be over.

Hasta luego


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