Playing Brahms and Living in a Foreign Country

Ihave rarely missed an enire month from bloggig and I am here not because my brain is so alert, nor because i have anything to tickle your brain with, but because I simply think I need to record something! read at your own risk.It may end up just being a family thing. any kind of family.

Okay, when I see my ssiters pose their craft I think, ‘what have I been doing? Washing dishes? Well, I wish I had more to show than I do, but I have been working on a Brahms piece. In the post I wrote last month that didn’t post I compared playing Brahms to living in the city. You could probably use the same analogy for any strange place you have lived. For me. the city has been my ‘foreign country’ . Even though I lived very near this city , living in it has brought quite a few things to my attention that I had never noticed before. When I decided to learn this Brahms piece I decided there was no note-skipping.Brahms has a LOT of notes. And when you think you think you got the pattern going, he changes it up a bit. it’s never easy and it’s all beautiful. After playing it for a while and feeling like I know what all the notes sound like, I downloaded it to my Kindle to see if I am doing it right. I have played it on my kindle for my MIL a couple of times and she says, “Beautiful!”

When I first moved into the city, I walked everywhere. I wanted to know where I was. I walked the other way on one way streets so I could see them from a different angle from the one always I always drove. This fall when I started teaching, I often walk to school on different streets from near my house.  It is a little over a mile. I go past a large cemetary with great trees, a park with or without children playing in it, all sorts of architecture in doors and windows, empty buildings and Empty buildings being remodeled. Sometimes I bike. Then I stay more focussed on the traffic!

Changing the subject.

At school we read about Betsy Ross and made flags and have attempted to sew samplers of names. One Kg boy took his home to work on and he is ALL BOY, meaning there is a lot of roaring and running and jumping down from wherever he can go up. He says,” Has anyone seen my sewing? I mean my needlework?” His dad is a bit nonplussed!

We’ve also been listening and acting out ‘carnival of  the Animals”  As you well know, one of the animals is a jackass. We Did tell them that it is a word that some people use for an insult, but it is also an undomesticated donkey and he kicks his heels! So one 1st grader is runnning around the table at home with siblings and calls out to her mom, “We’re being jackasses!”

Aren’t you glad you stuck it out?


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