Been to Boston

Before I write, I should warn you. The spacebar key doesn’always work and I am an awful typist. I can play the piano without my eyes leaving the music but I can’t type and not look at my hands! So I can go on and on without knowing I have made a typo. sounds a little too much like life, like having a gas leak in your car!!

On the Fourth of July we drove to Boston in the company van in anticipaqtion of the yearly celebration of the Perennial Plant Symposium. We did the exact same thing 13 years ago. Last year we drove from our daughter’s Boston area homeon the 4th of July. Can i call it the FOJ??? We got to go out onto thehar bor on a chartered boat for about 3 hours, seeing the fireworks out on the water andall sorts of shows in the horizon. As we turned to comeback in the big one with the Boston Pops statred along the waters edge. We could see enough of them to see they were realy fabulous and I think the music was piped into the boat, but some of it was obstructed by buildings, Next time…….

The hotel was not far from the Common where Aunt Lee and I rode the swan boats back then. It’s a wonderful green place in the middle of the city and people make good use of it.

Jeannette came and got me about lunch time the next day and we walked around Harvard Square and got rich hot chocolate and went to her house. I was feeling exhausted by then so we had a quiet evening taking a walk around the pond.  The next day we went to Krista D. Albee’s and met her husband and four children, had lunchand played in the pool. It wwas lovely and we didn’t get burned. jeannette dropped me off in the city with instructions on how rto get back to my hotel on the subway and I did it! As we were looking for a supper place we went past the Library and Finian’s Basement. I marked them for the next day as I had two days to myself while Joel was minding his business!

When I started off th next morningI tried to retrace our steps from the night before but since walked in circles, I ended up going in a different direction than the Library.  I came across Old South Meeting House, which I knew was part of the Freedon Trail tour, so I paid my dues and had a look see. I got the tour guide book too. Lots of interesting quotes along the back wall as well as a bronzestatue of Phyllis Wheatley, the first black american woman poet, beating out Maya Angelou! I love how they save everything, even the chairs whose seats plum wore out! Okay, once you have seen one meeting house , you’ve seen, oh,probably most of them. There was a used book store next to it. I was hoping I would come across atl least one! yt was Milk St., parallel to Water St. I browsed and found a few goodies, one being  a book for children about Schubert, each chapter having a music vignette for a  heading. I also found a collection of Winslow Homer prints for a dollar. I used moreofmyCharlie pass to get from thereto the Library. The library is half archictecture/art and half just a regular book library with a courtyard in the middle of the building. It is a little overwhelming so I took only a few pictures because my camera wasn’t big enough for it all.

If you look closely outthiswindow you will see someone reading in the courtyard near a window of the library on the other side of the courtyard. Then here is the courtyard.

Copley Square iswhat the Library borders, and as always , people are enjoying the fountain. One picture is a little blurry but it was so fun to watch these girls hop their way across!

I decided to go to Trinity Church the next morning. Two things you can count on in an Episcopal church is church order and really good music. I was not disappointed. Plus, I got a really good sermon! Refreshing.

I think it is reflected in  the John Hancock  Building.

People get unnerved someimes when the US ofA is referred to as being a Christian nation and you can debate that  for some time. I am not making a statement either way. However, in our historical icons there is a Christian witness and the few times I have been to Boston I have been struck by its ubiquitous presence, Here is a statue of Phillipps Brooks outside Trinity Church and the witness of it engulfs what Jesus enumerated as the two greatest commandements that engulf all commandments.; “Love theLord your God with all your heart soul and mond, and your neioghbor as yourself.”

Preacher of the Word of God/ Lover of mankind. A powerful combination.

After lunch I went to Quincy Market (on foot!) and saw the hurdy gurdy player as he was packing it uo and begged for a tune. He obliged and of course, I did, too!

Then there were the street dancers and the stunt man hanging upside down tied up. I took advantage of the crowd’s preoccupation and went into the market.

This girl was collecting dollars as fast as people could hand them to her without saying a word!

On to Beacon Hill, cobbled streets and window boxes. There were tons of really beautiful window boxes!

The State House

The African American Museum

the first integrated church in America

The Room with a Vieux

Signing off……. zzzzzz

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