Birthday Week

I say that because the week started out with my birthday It wasn”t a week long celebration.  Actually we were kind of tired from a really busy weekend. My schoolkids made it special and we had our friends, Stan and Terry over for a wee bit in the evening. We sang for a while. Nice day.

We danced in school this week! I was looking through my songbooks and came across Skio to my Lou and went for for it. We hooked arms and skipped. We tried; It wasn’t bad. We’ll do it again!

One of our goals is to teach them hymns. Hymns have big words! I have taught them O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus, All Hail the Power of Jesus Name and Steve Smallman’s version of How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds. This week I think we will work on The Light of the World.’  Then there is fun singing time where we do stuff like Skip to My Lou and I Gave my Love a Cherry. And the musical chairs where they try to get me to play Choo Choo Soul every time! Sometime I go to my keyboard and hit one of the percussion voices and play all kinds of noise. It’s almost better than recess. ON top of that is Music Appreciation where we have read about and listened to Schubert. I prowled around You tube for stuff kids could dig and found amaaaazing stuff! I was already a Schubert fan but there was way more than I ever heard. I think the going favorite is the Hungarian Melody. I make them shut their eyes and listen. Not a problem.

They are also learning Ecclesiates 3. Tempus est bibere cafe’. 🙂


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