I often despise gimmicks. Sounds silly coming out of my mouth because if I make up the gimmick  I think it is a cool idea. The gimmick of the day is to write for 10 minutes. It is the end if the day and I am going to see what can get said in 10 minutes, because I love the record that writing it down affords me.

I like keeping a blog for two reasons. It gives me a place to keep track of my life and a place to share what’s going on with my family and friends who care to read it so this will be a hodge podge!

Last week Joel asked if I wanted to go to State College with him on Friday for his weekly visit to a sub-contractor. Fridays are my days off , and I am a little selfish with them. Thursday afternoon when I came home from school the weather was glorious and I thought it deserved a trip somewhere, so I went. The road travels along the Juniata river after passing the confluence of it and the Susquehanna. The bittersweet was frosting everything with its orange. Once we got there I asked the grower if there was any around and he cut me a nice pile!


We came home, helped some friends finish moving, went out for pizza, and finally home! Saturday evening we had an ordination of an assistant pastor in our church, who has been serving us for nearly a year. Our church is young so this was a pretty special event. Right after that my friend , Judy Blore and I scooted off to the Lancaster Symphony to hear Beethoven’s 9th. I can’t remember ever hearing it in a concert hall when I wasn’t singing it, so it was pretty exciting for me. I remember a lot of it.It is not a particularly large platform and it was packed. I sat next to a young man who had driven an hour and a half to see his girlfriend perform in it. I gave him lots of points!

Sunday was positively balmy, We took a hike in the park and went to our friends, the Rodriguezes to enjoy lotsa company and a good outdoor fire. And good Food.

In school we are starting ‘Stopping by a Woods on a Snowy Evening’ in first grade poetry. The first one we did was ’Bed in Summer.’ The second was ‘Autumn Fires’.  Now we are heading into winter…..

Okay, my other two gimmicks are singing for 10 minutes and exercising for 10 minutes.

Good night and Good riddance.


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