the Beauty of Records

This will truly be the 10 minute blog. the timer is set.

So…. there is a record shop in Lancaster. I have actually never shopped there which has more to do with not having a record player than the lack of records. so I queue up something on Pandora like Chopin. it quickly moves away from Chopin to Ennio Morricone to JohnTesh. gag. In the OLD DAYS, you could put a stack of records o,maybe 3 or 4 and they would play one side of each and then you had to flip them over, manually of course, and listen to the other side, enjoying a few minutes of quiet before you got over there to flip them. There are a few Christmas records I still miss. When we were kids we had a record of the organ at Radio City Music Hall playing Christmas music. I can’t remember what was on it  but it was a Christmas staple. I was usually soaking up the Norman Luboff choir and whetting my appetite for the unusual like ‘Baloo Lammy’ and ‘Whence Comes this Rush of Wings’. My first Rutter recording was a Christmas record. And there goes the alarm. maybe someone will get me a record player for Christmas?


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