Coffee Time

I wish I had someone to talk to at 4:00 every day, or most days. Someone to have coffee with, talk about what to do for supper , the rest of the day. My old brain just seems a little creaky that time of day.

I have felt clutter bound all week. It seems that evewry nowand then, there are mountains to move and Iam out of the practice of moving mountains.So I listen to my 86 year old Puerto Rican neighbor say to me, “leetle by leetle, Meyleenda” .My mother in law did nothave much left, but she had a room and it landed in my  living room and they are about the same size. So leetel by leetle it is going somewhere else’ Last Thursday we had to empty our classrrom to rent it out, as we do that to help pay our rent. It was a good time to re-organize andI took a cabinet my MIL had in her room. It is really nice and the kids are already adept at getting things put away.  I had backless shelves before and boxes for drawers, so this is really nice, and outta my living room. Then we had a kitchen project in which we pulled eveything out of the ‘reftigerator corner’ , cleaned, moves the refrigerator and pt up new shelves. Then things were in the dining toom and living room. Last night after I got over my ‘I can’t do one more thing mood’ I decided to clean up. and so I did. Dining room looks like dining room, living room looks like living room, well, except for the bike. Is it urban or soething to put a bike in the living room? Now I need to clean out the freezer before trash man comes. Stuff drives me nuts. Maybe I need another cup of coffee. I think I got aggravated between the time I opened up this blog and actually writing it and I can sorta hear it , but it’s all true. But somewhere in my head there was something more interesting to write. Could that have been at 7:00 AM?

I am always looking for the cozy element once I am a little more housebound, as in shorter days. Someone said something to me recently about just two people rattling around in this big house.  I have lived in bigger houses. This house is not so big that one doesn’t need to be diliugent about the stuff that comes in most of the time. I like having niches to do things; the sewing corner, the desk, a cozy place to read (my bed!) And a house isn’t just for the two people living in it. It is for whomever comes for a variety of reasons, to have dinner, stay a few days, have coffee maybe???

Going to try fish tacos for supper


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