One of the Best……

…. tools in the kitchen is a salad spinner. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but if you spend some, it will save you lots of headaches . And if you’re more likely to buy ‘clean’ lettuce out of a plastic bag you will save money in not time at all.Think. If you spend 3 bucks on a bag of such lettuce you can buy 8 bags for what you might spend on a good salad spinner. Last summer  I cleaned lettuce for a wedding dinner for 250 people! 

ImageA good handle, I found is well worth the price. I decided at one point ifI was going to grow lettuce, I was going to get a salad spinner. This is probably my third .And best.

All right, there is another new toy. A new camera! First camera I have bought in nearly 20 years! It’s a Canon Powershot. Little enough to fit in a pocket. Pop out the card and add a picture to the blog!

And one reason I am blogging is because Joel is busy with hockey and popcorn!


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