Good times at school

One day at market I told a friend I was teaching kindergarten. Her response was,”You lucky duck! Some people have all the fun in the world.” Well, I loved teaching Latin as long as I did and maybe under certain circumstances I would do it again. Some things just light my fire. But yes, teaching kindergarten is pretty gratifying.

In our little school we have 5 kindergartners  5 first graders and 2 second graders. I teach all of them new songs and a bi-monthly music study. I also teach first grade poetry. Once a month we take them on a nature hike and then there is snack and recess. This post should probably be about 3 posts and I am writing mostly with parents in mind but anyone else can listen in. I’m afraid most of my pictures look like we play all day. We don’t . We work hard. We play well!

So … starting with the funny story of the week. In Kg we have been reading Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel. We have been reading about Very Tall Mouse and Very short Mouse taking note of words they can read or figure out.. I point out to Avery that all of the ‘very’ business is part of his name. I said ‘You are a very-”   and without a moment’s hesitation he added,”smart kid!”

avery with cap

I have instituted Dominoes! Not with the same rigor   or necessity of keeping kids busy while the teacher does something else , but they are working away. One reason I do it is to teach them to see the words as quantities. Aforementioned child settled into his one day and said, “This is like real work.” He is not the only one who has something to say. Two others were able to add by 10s  with just a nudge of help. If I show them how to do something they act like , “Oh yeah , we get it.” And for the most part, they do, with a little practice. Sometimes we play Chutes and Ladders. It’s all about counting!


In poetry the routine is pretty much copy, draw and memorize. We have been working on  Cats by Eleanor Farjeon. I made some magnet words for them to practice with and sometimes the other grades like to get at it.


IMG_0029 Then I went to a local nursery and saw this kitty sitting on the shelf .Cats sleep anywhere…. even in the garden center!

Well, it’s not all work and no play!



Blow up the balloon……..


And blow the cup off the table!


Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!


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