Snow Culture

Today I am trying to do a ten minute run on the blog. They are usually short.

  I am trying to cool my temper from yet another street cleaning ticket. I keep a routine of driving on Wednesday mornings, but then we cancelled school over the inclement weather and fell out of the routine and bam! A street cleaning ticket. If we had actually gotten snow they wouldn’t have come by! That’ll teach us!

  Okay. So today I have been thinking about the reactions to weather between the ‘West’ and ‘East’. I grew up and spent some of my adult years in Iowa where it gets truly cold in an extreme sense but maybe not as drastic as the Arctic Circle. In those climes there is a ‘cold culture’ that goes with it. You expect really cold weather and if you are smart you buy an engine block heater if you want your car to start every time. You never let your gas tank get less than half full. The road crew is budgeted for and at the ready. It all goes with the territory. You  should have a weather resistant coat and boots by the door. I always wore gloves in the car. I didn’t want to get frostbite if the car broke down.

  In the East, the cold is a fickle thing. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you have it coming and it veers off to the north or loses it punch coming over the mountains. So why budget for a ‘maybe happenin’? I am sure the road crew truck drivers are not the ones responsible for giving the ‘go’ sign or they would be out there before  things got into a royal mess. But that is the way it is. And then there are the types who think they have a right to go out every day, snow or no snow. I remember shoveling our little street and people kept driving through packing it down!!! Then the oil delivery truck got stuck at the end of our block and everyone that tried to come through we said, “Can’t get through here!” Salve for my ticked off nerves! 

  I am sure there are meteorologists and school district principals who are hiding their heads today thinking this day has got to top all miscalled days. Maybe they won”t have to make it up. Maybe the kids won’t get into too much irreparable damage by the time Mom gets back home. Timezup.


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