A Day wih Miss K

On Friday Mary came for lunch with the girls. Mary often comes on a Friday but usually Miss K is at school and I don’t think that I have seen her since before Christmas! So I asked if she wanted to spend the night. She did but wasn’t sure she could without her pajamas and Grandad’s Tshirt didn’t comfort her. Well,  Mary and I had planned to go shopping so after lunch and a short nap we got our shopping done and parted ways. MK and I went to the GW for pajamas… and  little modeling.,…  

We found great jammies,  a pink top with hearts and purple bottoms with stars! We took them home   washed and dried them, put groceries away, fixed supper while she played the piano for me and then we went to Elena Sneller’s benefit concert. Miss K is a fine singer so this was up her alley but we did get out the finger puppets after a while. We came home and got into nice clean jammies and snuggled in bed with books until we were too tired for them and went to sleep….

  In the morning I made her pancakes like my mom fixed them for my kids. We tried a puzzle but she thought it was too big. Then I announced I was going to get dressed and we were going to market. She thought it was the end of fun. I told her going to market isn’t  the same as going to the store. About then my dil called and she had seen a dear friend of mine was involved in a car accident. K and I scramlbed as fast as we could out the door and went and stayed  with her until she left the scene and then we went to market. In the square outside of the market someone was hula hooping and had several on the ground. K picked one up and was on her way!

After a while I asked if she had ever done this before and she said Once. I let her go at it for a while and then Joel came on his bike. I went into the market and did my shopping and she had upped her game while I wss in there. She had counted her way up to ten swings, then 28,  then 75. At that she let out a big shriek and we were done. The hh lady said she was giving the other kids tips! Time for lunch and home again. It was too fun!


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