Birds aresinging in the morning!

I don’t much like waking up in the dark but hearing birds hail in the day can make it worth it!  Yesterday I went to school with my head twisted around a little bit and started my prayer saying “In Jesus’ name….” and then hit a big giggle fit! Later I tried to say ‘stop’ but spit out pots and tops first!  Every morning we record theweather and I have taught the kids to say ‘We’ll weather  tbe weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not!” As I was working with the kindergarten one of them quoted me saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” and I added “And before you know it,  you have turned 50!” Happy Birthday DeAnn!


One thought on “Birds aresinging in the morning!

  1. Thanks Melinda! I so enjoyed turning 50. Parties with lots of people who inexplicably love me make me think of what to expect in Heaven where we are inexplicably going when time flies away…some glad morning.

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