A Gray Day

A gray day pretty much means an empty head. And if you dispute that, think of what your brain does on a sunny day. It twitters like a bird and beckons you to more and more. A snowy day at the end of a rainy month of March feels a little like doing pennance or an endurance test. Endurance? Well  I’m not dead so I get an A for enduring.
   Have you ever tried writing something with an empty head? It takes creativity, I tell you. If I had something to say I wouldn’t be writing this way. So here is my life.
  I went to my first Seder on Saturday. I actually learned and sang some of the songs! I watched a lot of Jewish music on Youtube. There is a Jewish woman church who planned it. She is one of the most interesting people I know. There were several in our church who participated. It was a great time and I loved listening to Susan talk. It was all interesting. The history of anything makes the now so much more relevant.  Think about that one.
  Yesterday we had dinner with Aunt Lee and Uncle Buzz. They live in a retirement community and they have friends they regularly share their Sunday meal with so we joined them. It was so nice to sit there and have a leisurely Sunday meal. I can’t remember the last time. We always eat at church and I love it but it is not leisurely!  We hadn’t seen them since Joel’s mom died so we had a lot catching up to do.
  On St. Patrick’s day I went to a Celtic Vespers at a church in the city. Well,  I meant to. I thought I would go against my grain and be early for a change. I got the time wrong and got in on the last 15 minutes. So if you wonder why I am always ‘skinning the cat’ (as Miss T would say) for some people it just doesn’t pay to be early.
Looks like the snow is going away. Maybe the sun wil come,..


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