I wrote this on early February and learned how to write and store a document on my Kindle but not how to copy and paste one. Now I know how to do that!
I think Ive figured out how to blog from my Kindle ,  but Ooooo the writing is teeny tiny! So this will be short till I figure somethngs out. Got my Granny glasses on!
This week was the first in a while where it was nice enough to walk to school. When I get there I am good and warm and unafraid of the day! On the way home this country girl likes to wander around the city. I stopped at a couple antiques stores, greeted a neighbor walking his dog, stopped and had tea with a friend, went to the chocolatier and got a good bar of chocolate called Nut Nirvana for my nut nirvana, met a neighbor on the way home as well and we finished our walk and got in a little chat together. There are days I think I love living in the city. If I find myself so clever as to be able to get in a picture easily  there is one of…….oh I ‘ll let you figure it out!
Can’t do it yet. I have to get it stored on the K first. Did find the normal size text. I think the other one was about a 5!


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