A Little Pause

I am taking a little pause in the frenzy of life. One time I said something to another woman about taking a break and she told me she never takes/gets a break. I felt guilty. Now that I am older I feel pity. My mother, in her busy years of child rearing, got up at 5 in the morning. Her lifestyle didn’t seem to have too many breaks. No fast food, 7 children, gardening, sewing, teaching Sunday School etc. Yet she went to bed, hair up in curlers and bobby pins, at 9 every night and had a coffee break in the morning and afternoon and usually took a nap in the afternoon. Mom’s example keeps me from feeling guilty about a lot. One thing my mother was that I am not is Fast. I remember her sort of racing till she got to bed on time. I need to rev up my engine in the morning, think for a while, make a list and then I am good to go. I love reading or watching something low key before I go to bed. I skip the morning coffee break because I didn’t start at 5 but I take in the afternoon one around 3 or 4. I was recently reading in a book by Edith Schaeffer her response to the question ‘How do you do it all?’ and she explains her ‘break system’ during which she sits down and puts up her feet! I think this is for the sanity of the world is when women can find that quiet spot on a regular basis. If she lets herself be wrung dry every day, things get skewed up. Taking a  break is a choice that won’t be made for you.
So…. this is the first day I can feel the school schedule is not kicking in. I have few things I plan to get done mostly with having enough food in the house. And it’s going to be week without routine. My little vacation. Kind of like those morning moments when I think about the day. Next week I will take the time to plan my summer with ideas that have been floating around in my head. In my head I find there is a requirement of quiet and space. They are not things I have to have all the time but if I don ‘t have them some time there are undesirable noises in the engine! I was so cranky by the end of last week! On Saturday afternoon we stopped mid-laundry and building projects, loaded our bikes on the car and drove to Mt. Gretna. We took a trail, listening to birds, riding through trees and past fields. It was positively cathartic. On Sunday afternon we drove to Delaware Beach SP and camped on an isthmus between Rehoboth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This prairie child gets giddy with being on flat land where the eye is free to roam. Saw a green road sign that said ‘Home of the Brave ‘ with an arrow below it . As I turned my head in the direction of the arrow I saw two old trailers!
Now I am in my city house and I don ‘t mind. Maybe one aspect of the summer routine ought to be a weekly ‘something pretty ‘ …. that is not in my own back yard! Just to get being aggravated by brick and blacktop knocked out of my head!


2 thoughts on “A Little Pause

  1. That’s what I like about nursing. I had to sit down and rest for a few minutes. I’m looking forward to taking a break with you sometime this summer…maybe the end of July.

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