Something Pretty I

The last time I blogged I said something about looking for the beautiful outside of my own back yard. I am a country girl living in the city and sometimes I feel ‘foreigner’ screaming inside me. More often lately than when I first moved here a few years ago. I do have some delightful neighbors, don’t get me wrong, but bricks and noise just aren’t in my comfort zone. I am not going to go on about what bugs me, I am just saying this is where I live and I am trying to take a positive attitude toward living here.

So this morning I took off for at least a half hour walk to see what there is to see. I love bike riding, but walking does afford one a longer view time and I can take note and take a picture and talk on the phone if I can/want to. I headed for the bus station as the Man of the Place needed a bus pass. Not far from it is a park with a really cool fountain that  have posted before, but it is on the front of today’s paper and people just never get tired of watching the children play in it, including me! Here is a fearless ad fascinated little girl.


Every summer the city places old pianos in various places downtown to be played or banged on.I think the artwork on them gets fancier all the time!


When I was nearly home again I got an up close of these small beauties. They are in boxes that are sometimes neglected so it is refreshing to see that someone has the energy/initiative to  take care of them this year.

sp 3

I was almost home and saw this little bit of art someone had fun doing on a plaza.

Can you see the footprints?

Can you see the footprints?

So that is today’s fun. Hope you enjoyed it!


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