Backyard Serendipity

Working in the yard always makes me feel like writing about something. I feel kind of silent this summer, almost as if I feel the world keeps going around the same old ways and I can’t keep track of how many years ago this or that was and if I really try to figure it out,  there might be a high shock factor. So I just keep moving forward, not saying much.
  I thought I would pin down meal plans so I don’t have to think so hard about the next meal. Buf summer produce is serendipitous, so it is best to look a round about 3 or 4 p.m. and think “What is there for supper?” And usually it is quite good. I thought I would pin down a morning routine but summer is so adversse to Routine! I made a list. I follow it as best I can. But sometimes something else starts to swing in me! This morning I wanted to make sure I mowed the lawn before we hit a series a of rainy days. Which led to weeding and raking and deciding that my backyard is a no good place for squash. Squash is  cheap in season. I ‘ll just buy it. When the plants are completely dead anyway.
  Yesterday I got to sing a solo for the first time in two years. I wasn’t sure I could. Singing in the living room while playing the piano  isn’t the same.. I sang at my son-in-law’s church where he is music director. He accompanied. Rehearsal turned into Practice! I had an inkling I could do it, but I go home to my piano and I just don’t feel it. Back at the church on Sunday morning we meet in the choir room. We have 5 minutes. The song blossomed! My SIL is also a singer and I could feel the difference inthe way he accompanied. I love singing solos. There is something inside me that comes bubbling up to the top when I get hold of a song that I feel connected to. This one was Immanuel by Michael Card. My sister posted a Youtube video of it a few years ago. I had heard t before but it was then that it started to resonate with me. One of these days I will start a blog called Songs to grow old on. Timeless songs any age could love. I have had some in my head for a while.
  I discovered a new fabric store a few weeks ago. I went completely drooly! For the local folk it is upstairs at Building Character. It’s got really original stuff, great quality.  All her suppliers are independant. I bought enough for one thing. I have been notorious for not using my fabric, so if I buy one thing, then I make myself finish that before getting some more. I had been wanting a cool, boxy shirt for the summer. I made two. One was fabric I have had for whoknowshowmany years. It took me half hour of perusing my sewing manual to finally figure out how to use the buttonhole attachment on my machine but once I did, it was, oh so slick.
Okay coffee time is over and the Man of the Place will be home soon. Gotta make one of those pizazzy suppers. Sweet potatoes, salad and salmon. Triple points for Scattergories!


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