So first  the Story. I was meeting with my co -teacher and Boss yesterday and I would say that her one adversion to my personality is that sometimes I ‘get a little bossy’. 🙂 She was giving  me an assignment and I was assuring her I would try not to be bossy but if she had been at my family reunion with me she would see I came by it honestly! She said “All of you?” And I said yes, one way or another. ” But probably not so much your brother???” To which I reacted’ O… My…WORD’ a little on the loud side……ahem…. and we busted up laughing in royal style. We were in the corner of the coffee shop so hopefully we didn’t make as big a scene as I have done before at Greyfriars, but it was every bit as bad! It actually feels good to have a falloffyourchair kind of laugh once in awhile. I really don’t have anything against my brother. 🙂
  Today I polished the furniture. Some of it anyway. The Swiffer duster is such a convenient thing but it doesn’t make anything glow. I saw some lemon oil in the store not long ago and thought I would things up a bit. I started ‘dusting the house’ when I was 7 and my mom (the Boss)  would always check my work. One time I had a friend overnight and I still had to do my Saturday chores and instead of my mom handing my friend another dustrag my mom said she could do the checking. I did not like that. It made her my Boss.
  One night last week soon after we turned on our street we heard a little ‘bumpth’. About as quickly as we began to wonder what part of our car’s anatomy could be making that sound we saw green tomatoes on the pavement! We jumped out and ran to the community garden next to our house and ousted a couple of younguns who had been  amusing themselves by thunking passing cars with tomatoes. We were Bossy. Then we came in the house and chuckled how some things never change. You just step up a generation.


A Bunch of Bossy People. All heart and soul!


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