The Pumpkin Story

It all started when i was about 11. My mom either taught or allowed  me me to make a pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. It was perfection with soft clouds of whipping cream on the top. I asked if I could hide it , as sometimes my mom did when we had a dessert and then surprised everyone. She said ‘not this time’ and went back to her sewing. She looked one way and I picked up the pie and went the other! I went quickly, maybe I ran, into another room andwhen I stopped the whipping cream did not! It sailed right on to the floor! I very quickly discerned it was not a time for hiding and yelled. “Mom!” she came and said, “I knew you did that.” When I was 14 I announced I would rather have pumpkin pie than cake for my birthday. Mom always obliged. I still would rather have pumpkin pie than cake …any day.

   I am not sure cooking my own pumpkin started. Or when. But I do know I have been doing it for a long time. One time Jeannette and I watched Martha Stewart make sweet potato pie and she cut a leaf and vine out of the pastry and put it on top for finesse. I thought  I could do that with my pumpkin pie. Thoughtful woman said, “Don’t try this with pumpkin pie. With pumpkin pie you need to bake it separately and then put it on top. Otherwise you will have extra dough at the bottom of your pie.” A real teacher that woman is! A few years ago I made the pies for our Thanksgiving dinner and they were beauties, and I had forgotten to put the sugar in them! A little unexpected taste. I think I did it again last year for the first pie of the season and Katarina ate half of it that way. When Marlowe was about 1 1/2 we had T-giving dinner at Jeannette’s and I had left the pies on the floor in the kitchen in a box. We enjoy our dinner, let the baby crawl around and Chris went to get something out of the kitchen  and discovered the baby in the pie enjoying it very much!!!

So this week when my sister posted on FB that her boy was missing my pies, it started quite a thread of conversation with oldest daughter almost giving her tutorial! I was about the 20something person to comment and I really didn’t need to say much. They were going gangbusters without me. As a result, I think a few more pies are being made this week without the can and discovering real food as it is meant to taste as it goes from the vine to the kitchen! I even got myself a couple of punkies this morning and they are doing what they do best in my oven!



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