Morning Walk

I don’t think there is any one thing in my life that is stressing me out as much as a combination of little things. I sometimes feel the need to step back and re-assess what it is that I am doing that makes me feel physically dragged out. So I am on a mission while I have a break to not do things that wear me down and do things that build me up. I often feel that the things I enjoy doing are at the bottom of the list for ‘when I have time’ and I never get to them. This was true of me when my children filled my house and when they are not here, which doesn’t make sense, except that I nap more! :>) I find that if I write goals down I tend to be better at keeping them. So here I am…writing. There are a few things running through my mind, such as ‘how do I get here and how do I do my best to keep from coming back?’  I do try to not pile up my schedule so that I can’t do what I have agreed to do, but it seems to be a constant challenge. I also think it is not right to pile your time in such a way that you don’t have time to feed your soul. My first goal for this break is to take a walk every morning the weather allows it, barring torrential rain and high winds. That’s about it. I plan to drive  to the local park, which is a beauty to me and listen to the birds, watch for ducks and let my soul be quiet and pray if I want. I am not walking and listening to something. And so I did this morning.IMG_1515

the Conestoga from the Duke St. Bridge

the Conestoga from the Duke St. Bridge

If you are local and want to join me, drop me a message or a text!


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