Morning Walk 2

This morning was a little sunnier than yesterday, but I like the fog, so it didn’t bother me. I went to the market first and got the crowd fighting urge out of me quick. It was pretty full before 9:30.

I went to the Conestoga Greenway to walk, which is next to park and right next to the bridge where I took pictures yesterday. There were two gray hatchbacks there already so I parked right in the middle because they looked as though someone was waiting for me!

Almost as soon as I started walking I heard a ratatattat, so I started rolling my eyeballs and was soon rewarded with a downy woodpecker. I kept walking. I set my timer for 10 minutes and then I turn around. On my way back I heard a stir in the water and saw this fellow flapping away, probably trying to impress his girl!


It is such a prize to see a hoodie (hooded merganser) my first thought was, “hail, thou that are highly favored, the Lord is with thee”! I hope that isn’t sacrilegious, because I felt favored to have spotted this bird in a such a populated area. And, yes, I grew up on the King James version of the Bible . Some phrases just stick with you!

This walk is behind what we would call ‘projects’ and the thing I like about Lancaster is that this area is not neglected. There are new plantings of trees. One time my daughter remarked about how many tree as there are in Lancaster. It’s kind of gratifying this area is not neglected.

We see many things in a day. As I was on my way a couple of police cars went by, sirens screaming. Not far down the road someone ran their SUV into a tree. Not a good Christmas Eve there. I could see it from the trail. The road curves from there to the entrance. So I “went home another way.”


Merry Christmas to all! And drive carefully!


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