This Winter Weather…..

…… comes around every year in differing degrees. We are getting smackered this year. Yesterday a storm started with the day and so school was canceled. Since it had only started to unload I thought I would dash to market and get some coffee as we were out and who wants to sit out a snowstorm with no coffee. Not I said the little red hen. Since the temps had already started to fall and  i was walking, I dressed for it. It tookme about 20 minutes! I got out the door and thought I should ask my neighbor who has little ones if she needed anything. reaching for my phone, it wasn’t there. Feeling around, neither were my keys. I had only manually locked the door. I had two sets of keys in the house and neither were with me! So I trotted over to her house , used her phone to call Joel, and went to market, came home and had tea with her and her cute little boys and Joel came home to rescue me. You don’t get visits like that very often with your neighbors so it was a blessing to get that little bonus in my day! Joel came home and brought work home with him so I didn’t have to spend the whole cold day by myself and he got out of ugly evening rush traffic. I made empty nester size apple pie.I have big glass pie dishes and I have a few small foil pans. I used coconut oil instead of shortening. It ain’t half bad! Today is pretty cold, so I am holing up in one room or the other with a space heater and I should be okay. It is a hard house to keep warm and that is all I am going to say about it. It is what it is. I was going to say as cold as it was in Iowa , the house was always warm. Well, that house has its stories , too, burt we seemed able to knock them down. Not so this. 

 It sure is beautiful. There is the glow of the morning sun on the snow covered roofs. I saw a squirrel making its way through several inches of snow on a roof in a leap/hop sort of thing. It is great ground cover and brightens a dark winter day. The stars are tantalizing. Almost every snow this year that we have had has etched the trees and piled little white plumps on bushes. It covers Mud. M U DD , mud. When people complain about snow I want to say, “You would rather have mud?” 

   I have been reading a book about American History that starts waaaaaay back with the Scandinavians and goes through the explorers, the settlers from various nations and how where the colonies were formed. It reads kind of like Charles Dickens’  A Child’s History of England. In fact, William Pitt reminds me of King Alfred in his zeal to do his people good. It ends as the US enters WWI. I am over halfway through and I am only up to the Revolutionary War! 

so that’s my day. Publishing this before laptop overheats.


One thought on “This Winter Weather…..

  1. I would much rather have the snow than mud! I say, “If it’s going to be cold, it might as well as snow and make everything pretty.” Of course, that doesn’t last. 🙂 enjoy your snowy day.

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