The Morning Alarm

  Several years ago when I still had children at home and I was teaching Latin,  I would wake up to the morning alarm every day. It had a screeching ” beep! beep!” until I hit the top of the clock saying,  “Oh dang!” every time! I did ‘t think it the most  beautiful  thing to come out of my mouth first every morning but it was like a trigger reaction. I  have a friend who was taking  a counseling course at fhe time and she told me she hsd a lesson on counseling oneself. I chuckled and said,  “Like teaching yourself not to say Oh Dang every morning when the alarm goes off???” Well,  good news. I have it licked. First, I quit my teaching job. I simultaneously stopped! But now I have another teaching job. At first I didn’t have to be there so early and hubby and I have turned into early birds in our increasing years. But there comes a day we sleep too late and have to get our scramble on! Herein lies the motivation for this blog. Enter Pandora….the music station. One can choose fhe music !  So along comes 6 30; the sun  rises, the birds are singing,  a breeze is blowing in the door from the balcony off the bedroom. Soft music starts coming out of my kindle. Coffee awaits. And I am hearing my Dad’s voice in my head rolling out  “When morning gilds fhe skies, My heart, awaking, cries, “May Jesus Christ be praised!”


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