The new Toy

Okay, the only reason I m announcing a new toy is that it give me a real keyboard to work from and a handy dandy way to post pictures. I find touch screens laborious, especially the editing of them. So maybe I will feel like blogging again. Actually, I have been handwriting letters to my mother on notebook paper. She has dropped out of the email scene and cannot be cajoled back in. Maybe she sees it as a disruption to hearing our voices. That would be reasonable.  So the toy is a chrome book. It does not have a glossy screen, and the buttons make a sound! Is that comforting to only old people like me??? I also resurrected the Flickr account and posted. They are not organized yet. I spent a long time learning that I should just load and then organize.

The title of  my blog includes ‘my life as it happens’. Sometimes it is hard to write personally knowing how public this is, but few people actually read it. So the simple version is there have been big changes at school and at church which have been very stressful for me. The church one is not as personal as the school one and I expect that the church one will organically work its way through even though it has been emotional. The school one may be a game breaker for me and has been very fuzzy and hard for me to deal with. I don’t know if it has just pulled triggers, if I am just too old to shift easily, or if it  is as ill-timed as I think it is. If I could see from heaven I could tell you. I’ve cried on several shoulders and have appreciated all the prayers and wisdom shared. Nuff said about all that.

I wrote all of this with my glasses on my head!! Maybe I’ll write a blog called “Old Age”. It is what’s happenin’ around here! I’m sure that nuff has been said about that, too!

The back yard has been amazing  this summer. With the abundance of rain and the willow tree pruned back to let the sun in, there is always something to look at. I think I have a picture and I want to try posting from flickr. Then I need to get up and get going . It’s Market Day!


Ach. Can’t find the easy way yet! The back yard one must not have gotten there yet! This is the meadow at Longwood Gardens.


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