Late at Night again

So I am sitting here wasting time on my computer. Looking and sorting pictures of the last few days. The weather has been absolutely balmy. For December. It has been sunny and. in the 50’s. I love snow but it has been a relief to not have to deal with bad weather over the holidays. We had a really fun time with our kids last night. I made a simpler meal than usual. It seems like I have done a lot of cooking over the holidays. For Christmas I made lasagne, a broccoli – carrot casserole and cranberry orange scones. For Christmas Eve I made a spaghetti squash/kale quiche and put it in muffin cups to bake so they were an easy serving size. For our family I got rotisserie chicken from Costco and made roasted sweet potatoe fries and salad and more scones, cuz we loved ’em! Joel got me fish tacos Sat eve. They were yummy too. Ther is a place downtown we are partial to for them. You don’t get a mouthful of breading on the fish like some places. We had a nice visit with Uncle Buzz and Aunt Lee today. I took chicken noodle soup made from the rotisserie chicken leftovers. I said, “Guess the secret ingredient”. It didn’t take more than a couple minutes to come up with parsnips. I got won over to them by a market stand owner about a year ago. And we had oatmeal blueberry pancakes this morning and turkey quesadillas from the carcass of Mary’s Christmas turkey!! Yes, I have been cooking a lot when you put it that way! Lots of dirty dishes. Lots of unloading the dishwasher . Kitchen disappears in mess and reappears after cleanup. Candles lit. Food enjoyed. Today we eat. Tomorrow we diet!



2 thoughts on “Late at Night again

  1. The holidays are so much work, and so fattening. Yet most of us wouldn’t have it any other way! Hope you get a little more rest as you return to more normal activity, Melinda. So glad you enjoyed my memoir Blush and were kind enough to reach out to me and to review on Amazon.

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