Writing Prompt #1 What I don’t want to forget…..about 2014

One thing I love about a blog that I love is that it helps me to remember. Ironically, this is the year I didn’t blog much. My blog bogged! :>) So without reading what shreds of a blog there is for the year, I am going to go backwards in time in my mind.

1. What a fun family time we had during Christmas. The Man and I worked together to see that we were ready and I didn’t get some high falutin’ ideas about dinner that would leave me wishing I had hired a dishwasher. Because of the mess. We have gotten used to having ‘new’ members of the family, the ones that come with marriage and birth. We have always been a hospitable family, but, sometimes, this takes a twist. And I don’t wish to expound on that. I will just say graciousness has grown. And we had fun. We laugh a lot as a family and it doesn’t tak much to start the crazy giggles!

2. The Man (or as Laura Ingalls Wilder would say ‘the Man of the Place’ and I took a looooong drive from eastern PA,  to Illinois where my mother lives, to Minnesota where my sister lives in our grandmother’s home, and the home where my mother grew up. It is a place of many happy memories ans we added to them. One of the really fun things that she and I  have discovered is that we don’t know much about the area so we are in a state of discovery! Not only do we not know much about the surrounding area, there’s acreage of birch woods and meadows and she figures if the deer can get through, she can too. I just followed like a good little sister! We are amending all of that!

3. I started a school year in a state of upheaval. I felt like a lost a dear friend. One reason for my blog going silent. This is a public place and even if I have few readers, I don’t like to air things publicly that would be offensive. While I feel the friendship restored, I think we will be parting ways at the end of the school year. That means I will go back to being a 50 something woman wondering what to do with her her time. Nuff said.

4. I sewed new things! I sew clothes and I wear them until I am shocked when I iron them how raggedy things are getting! Or some such level. I often buy a handful of cheap knit shirts but the last time they were very cheap, crummy things. I like to choose the fabric I wear. I am not a pro but when I get a thing right, it is satisfying! I even begged a sewing friend to do one shirt for me so I could watch. She passed. I said to myself, “Do it or ruin it!” And I did it!

5. In our church congregation we have had front row seats to brokenness and the glory of God bringing wholeness and peace. A dear friend died of cancer a little over a year ago and her husband went to a very low place. He showed up several months later with healing on his face and we were _______(can’t think of a fitting word) to see it. It is not a no-bump-ride, but there is grace. That is just one thing.

6. I am the kind of musician who learned how to read it with notes and staff. I have been playing church with notes for a guitar player. I used to think people played guitar because they hadn’t learned to read music, but there is another language out there! I have co-musicians who are willing to put up with me and teach me and I have learned that this makes sense to guitar players and I can come up with a comparable piano part. Without saying, “What?!!”

7. I had my first satisfying garden in lovely soil in a very long time. A very long time. Tomatoes got canned. Great crop of sweet potatoes we  are still eating.

8. Winter was extra cold and long. Summer was extra beautiful and sweet.

On the more abstract view. Friendship trumps being right 99% of the time. Grace should never be out of fashion. I have a lot yet to learn, as old as I be!

Andy Rooney said once that 700 words is about enough. So here I stop. Thanks for listening.

sunset on a snowy day



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