Time keeps on slippin….into the future

Tomorrow will be my last day as a kindergarten teacher. It has been my 12th year of teaching in a school. On top of that were my homeschooling years and teaching family groups of homeschoolers. Eight years as a Latin teacher and four in kindergarten. It is a wonder to me, as I did not set forth to do this when I was young. I didn’t’ do more than one semester of college. You could say I went to the school of hard knocks…or Life. At some time or other I looked inside and found the soul of a teacher. Mind you, I have had some excellent examples and guides along the way, which is a great treasure. One of them would respond to me when I remarked on my un-education that I was the most “educated uneducated person” he ever saw!   Strong influences in the author department were Raymond and Dorothy Moore, Louisa May Alcott, and Jesse Stuart. I had really great teachers growing up in the small community of a Christian boarding school where real life couldn’t’ help being modeled. Often on a tired teacher day, those people would flash across my mind, their joy in teaching us, their dedication to seeing that we learned well. And it gave me courage to go and do the same.
  Mine is a rich heritage and I have done my best to pass it on. Hopefully, my students saw I loved them as best I could and did my best to make their work a joy. For some of my Latin students, that was a Real Stretch! But… I learned to love being with middle schoolers in a way I would never have guessed! They remember me and visit me when I catch them around town! I didn’t’ know about that on those tired teacher days!  Some of those who stretched the hardest I feel most proud of. I hope the kindergarteners remember me. I tried to do it in a way worth remembering.



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