Musings on a summer day

There is a sweet smell on a farm on a summer morning, I thought, as I went in the milkhouse to dip  into the tank for my fresh milk. It was only this morning’s milking in there and I had to reach down. As I was putting it into the car my friend called from the door, ” Haven’t seen you in awhile!” I went in for a quick hello and she and her daughter were fixing their hair. I asked the daughter , who is 11, if her hair was past her waist yet. Her mother reminded me of the Day when she was 3 and she cut her own hair. Oh Yes, there were tears that day. It’s a big deal when any little girl cuts her hair but a really big deal if you are Amish! We had cold mint tea and coffee cake together. Little brother, both towheaded and tousle-haired, woke up and joined us, all ready to chat. Then I left them to their day’s duties and I to mine, lifted up from having an unexpected visit.
  So in these few weeks since I finished school I have been working on recuperating from the Splat Effect that inevitably hits me at the end of a school year, tinged with sadness this year. I have been trying so hard to hang in there till the end, doing what needed to be done  to keep going that I have felt a pretty empty vessel. I was having lunch with a neighbor and I blurted out I didn’t know what I was putting into my mind. I do like to read and listen, and I sometimes listen to a favorite preacher, but other than that, I didn’t have any plan. It is a bit of a fight to come up from what feels like zero and tool along. One thing I have learned that no matter how appealing reading a book all day sounds, if I can do one thing that has a goal in it, I feel better. Last week I made a raised bed and planted sweet potatoes in it. It was a lot of shoveling  for me, and I picked through each shovelful in my campaign against what we refer to as the Pernicious Morning glory vine. ( No glory about that pest!) The soil was moist and crumbly and it felt good to do. Books are not the only things that fill our souls. The Garden has been a post school project since Day One of summer vacation and I have nearly half of it planted and mulchsd.
  Now that I said all that, I am in the Manheim Twp library. The Man of the Place likes Planet Fitness and as I am not a fitness center aficionado, I got dropped off at the library. I am not in libraries nearly often enough. Maybe a summer goal will be to rectify that!! Nuff said for today.


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