The Urge to Write

When I get the urge to write, I have to jump and follow it, because it hasn’t come often enough, or timely enough lately. It can even be killed by the journey from my bed sitting and staring out the window to dressed, in a chair and navigating my way through the umpteenth lost password of the summer!! i hate passwords. I suppose they defend me somehow but most of the time I just don’t care. I don’t lead a private life. Oh yes, I do.

As soon as school let out in the spring , I took off my teacher hat and put on my farmer one and got a jolt in lack farmer muscles! I have pulled a lot of weeds and philosophized about life while I was at it. Anyone who grows things and is not filled with wonder needs their head checked. I managed to read a couple of books. One about the life of a geisha and I can’t remember what I read next. I cant remember the novels I read until I read them and get  deja vu’ feeling. Sometimes life seems long and what I did before I did a very long time ago. (At time of edit, I remember! A Daughter in the Land by Gene Stratton Porter. When I read GSP, who was from Indiana, I feel like I have been home. I’m from Iowa and I live in Pennsylvania)

I have been a bit of a hermit. I don’t think I did any socializing for about a month and then decided I could do a little. So on Thursdays I take a lunch to a Conestoga House and invite any friends who want to meet me there to do it. It was an idea born a year ago when a friend and I decided that would be a great idea. It was near the end of the season then and so it seemed the natural thing to do when this year started. I also made a weekly appointment with a dear aunt and uncle for lunch. Sometimes they treat me and sometimes I treat them. They love to talk about food! And old times. Really old times. Really a long time ago! it’s been fun to have it to look forward to! Plus, I make supper for a church family with difficult circumstances once  a week, so that sets my brain percolating as well, and moves me away from my Hermitage.

I would like like to say I take a quick walk every morning, but I can’t. I have some mornings. I have a short grassy trail at the park I like because I can take off my shoes (flipflops) and go barefeet. I can see a large portion of the sky . It’s pretty quiet. And the birds sing wildly. There is a lot of bittersweet along that path , I know and they will be there to get it. Right now they are there for weed seeds. And there are supposed to be bluebirds. I must be off schedule to see them.

So here we are at August and ambition is waning. So are the flowers and the color green. I like to think of it as a seasonal transitional. I am going to be a homeschool helper one day a week, I would like to do more.I also have a couple projects up my sleeve that I am really looking forward to doing in place of weeding. 🙂  I still don’t have a grip on a happy housework schedule, but I understand what makes one, and now that I have spent time writing what is in my head, it may be happier. Or grippier. When I was 10, I started piano lessons. So did several others in my family.  My practice time was while everyone else got dressed. Then I had to get dressed in a short amount of time. Getting up to practice the piano was never a problem. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. I can hear the radio from the kitchen as Mom got breakfast ready. Getting dressed in a short amount of time was another problem. I still work best with clothes mapped out for me ahead of time than not. In the ‘not’ time I still throw clothes on the bed as I look for something else. (I need a new piano book. Hard enough , but not too hard.)

So…. at the end of your day when someone asks, “How was your day?” what do you say? is it a list of tasks? A long groan? A bit of intrigue stuck in there? Did I learn anything new? Did I read a book? Truth is I get entirely too distracted by facebook. If it weren’t for keeping in touch with family and friends that I love, I would drop off. I love this bit of writing. I read my daughter’s blog and my niece’s blog. I’d say my husband’s, too but when he writes just 2 sentences it’s not really a blog. He does take some really good photos of the plants he grows.

Oh, I love the word counter! It lets me know when it is time to break it off! Now that I am warmed a bit and not going through a crisis, I can return sooner, because I do like to write. I can hear it start to roll in. A different subject, entirely. Not a ‘hole ‘nuther!


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