Down by the Station Early in the Morning…..

   Or not so early. I think we are all at the end of our ropes with going  to Philly airport. So today Luisa and I rode the train. It’s one of the hottest days of the summer so far and so it was absolutely lovely sitting  in spacious air-conditioned train gliding through the countryside. I sweat it out in the garden for about an hour before leaving which made it even more sweet. Th  hardest thing was driving through Lancaster and finding  no place to park in the long term parking. I had no idea. We arrived early, made sure of our timing , and had some fine lunch. Then we found the track to the airport and waited for it outside. As soon as she heard the word “airport”, she jumped from her seat, paused for a quick hug and took off. I wish I had my camera handy. Maybe it is just a little overwhelming to watch my ‘baby’ be so self-sufficient! I used to take the train to visit my daughter when she lived here, but she moved away, and I have been jonesing for a train ride! Now I know how to get to the airport, too.  A lady got off the airport train and said to me, I can’t figure out how to get in the station. I showed her and said, I just figured it out myself!! Well, the Lancaster bound people are lining up a half hour early, as usual. Better get in it so they will let me on!
     This is an old post from last summer. I’m publishing it so I don’t lose the memory.


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